Edwin Ramirez

Multimedia artist, Louisville, KY.

Edwin Ramirez is a chicano, queer, multimedia artist working and residing in Louisville, Kentucky. His audio and visual art is a manifestation of his lived experiences as a synesthete, guided by the auroras from field recordings, music, video games, nature, and memories. Edwin has exhibited at various galleries in Kentucky, including recent shows at Kore Gallery ("The Education of Desire” and “Unknowns: Artists you Should Know”), as well as part of the ongoing traveling exhibition “Our Kentucky Home: Hispanic/Latin American art in the Commonwealth" curated by The Kentucky Arts Council. His works have been worn by local musicians, models, and entomologists, commissioned by an internationally renowned author, and installed at various venues for local events including “Bjork Ball” and “Radio Arcane”.

Edwin wearing "Mycelial Mask of Mending"

"I have always found respite when I am completely surrounded by the natural world. It is the sanctuary from which we came, far away from the stressors and anxiety of modern human society. I often think about what it would be like to truly detach and be part of the beautifully unforgiving cycles of nature, but that may be better experienced in death. Instead, while living, I create art that celebrates the shapes, textures, systems, and cycles of earths biomes and the various flora and fauna that inhabit them.

My hope is that those who adorn themselves and their environment with my work are able to feel closer to the wildness of planet Earth".

-Edwin Ramirez