The Education of Desire

Special thanks to Sabra L. Crockett for inviting me to be part of "The Education of Desire" at Kore Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky. Photos of opening reception by Carolyn Spears. Pieces worn by Robert Major, Linda Erzinger, and my mother Blanca Ramirez.

I am a complex and multi layered organism composed of interdependent living systems. Each system plays an important role, and each one shares commonality with the systems of Planet Earth. I often think about the tiny rivers and streams that flow inside of me, the crevices and openings that bring air and nutrients into me, the strange and sturdy material at my core that holds my human shape, the mass of matter in my head that holds my memories…

My very first body of work is a celebration of the colors and textures that make up various parts of our planet and our bodies. I designed each piece to be wearable in order to emphasize the connections we share with nature. Each is sculpted by hand using PLA bioplastic and then embellished using various materials such as dried plants, seed pods, broken jewelry, moss, medical supplies and shed skins. Some of the materials I have found over the years during my adventures in the beautiful state of Kentucky, some I grew myself, and some were found or gifted by family and friends.

It is so important to understand that each system, whether they are in us or around us, can’t thrive without the others they are connected to and dependent upon. At this point, the other organisms that share this planet with us are counting on us to care for this delicate network so that they may continue to thrive long after our own systems cease to function.

"Mycelial Mask of Mending - Máscara Micelial de Reparación"

"Pulmonary Protist - Protista Pulmonar"

"Tidal Exuvia - Exuvia de Marea"

"Our Father of First Sight - Nuestro Padre de Primera Vision"

"Mother of my Humanity- Madre de mi Humanidad"

"Neural Reef - Arrecife Neural"

"Vascular Embrace - Abrazo vascular"

"Reflective Mind"

"Fragmented Organism"

and "Generous Palmstroke".

Pieces worn by Blanca Ramirez, Robert Major, and Linda Erzinger.