Gallery Exhibitions:

  • 2022: COUTURISM- Exhibition of wearable art and accessories. KMAC Museum, Louisville, Kentucky.

  • 2022-2023: Our Kentucky Home: Hispanic/Latin American Visual Art in the Commonwealth. Kentucky Arts Council, (Traveling Exhibition) Galleries include- The Carson Center, Murray Tourism, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Boyd’s station Gallery, Art Center of the Bluegrass, Boone Country Public Library, Butler County Arts Guild, The Kentucky Museum, Appalachian Center for the Arts, Pence-Chowning Art Gallery, Kentucky State Capital Rotunda, LexArts Gallery, The Kentucky Center, Kentucky

  • 2022: The Unknowns-Artists you should know. Kore Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky.

  • 2021: The Education of Desire- Exhibition of wearable art, guest artist for Sabra L. Crockett’s solo show. Kore Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky.

Installation Art:

  • 2021: School bus art installation and live insect exhibit with Idlewild Butterfly Farm, American Horrorplex. Louisville, Kentucky

  • 2019: Bjork Ball, Art installation exhibition, event coordinator, DJ. Art Sanctuary, Louisville, Kentucky

  • 2019: Strange’- Art installation, META. Louisville, Kentucky

  • 2014 to present: Club Cloaca, Art installation, resident DJ. Various venues

  • 2016 to present: Radio Arcane, art installation, resident DJ, podcast guest. Art sanctuary, Louisville, Kentucky


  • 2021: The Education of Desire- Musical performance feat. Dane Waters, Amber Thieneman, Edwin Ramirez, and Sabra L. Crockett. Kore Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky

  • 2018-2019: Solo multimedia performances as “AndrOspore”, Kaiju, Art Sanctuary, private venue. Louisville, Kentucky


  • 2022: Art Day(s) in Kentucky, guest speaker

  • 2022: Head piece design for Phelix Crittenden, Louisville magazine

  • 2021: Louisville Visual Art (LVA) ArtxFM, Artebella guest speaker with Sabra L. Crockett, The Education of Desire

  • 2021: Head piece design for Idlewild Butterfly Farm’s Cicada emergence special featured on Great Day Live

  • 2019: Great day live with Jackie Royce of Orchestra Enigmatic, Bjork Ball


2022: Mask design for “The Crystal Ball” presented by BioGlitz and Transmit productions. Louisville, Kentucky

2018 to present: Costume and mask design for “Scary Black” (music project)

2021: Mask design for Canadian author Conyer Clayton. Ottawa, Canada

2021: Mask design for artist Sabra L. Crockett


2022: Works held in private collections in Portland Oregon, Madison Wisconsin, and Louisville Kentucky

2021: Permanent mask display at Idlewild Butterfly Farm. Louisville, Kentucky